BNC Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2017

Cover of the 2017 BNC Annual Report


There are nature heroes all around us. Some are obvious and easy to spot, like our Pathways to Nature Preschoolers. These young naturalists and conservationists surprise and inspire us with what they share. As four-year-old Didi told us, “If you cut down the trees, you lose a lot of important things. Nature has a lot of things you need to know.”

We know that this early access and exposure to nature yields a multitude of positive benefits for children as they grow and develop into teens and adults, so we work to encourage and nurture this interest in and love for the natural world. Spending time in nature also enhances educational outcomes by improving children’s academic performance, focus, behavior, and love of learning.

As you’ll read in this year’s annual report, BNC is committed to deepening this commitment to the natural world through our work with Boston Public School students, our participants at camp and vacation week programs, and with the Willow Tree Youth Leaders.

While these young heroes inspire us, there are other heroes in our BNC community who raise, nurture and teach youth. These nature heroes are the parents who caringly send their children to nature preschool, summer camps, and vacation week programs. BNC Teacher Naturalists and the hundreds of educators we partner with at Boston Public Schools and area preschool programs are nature heroes. Nature heroes volunteer at the sanctuary during special events, clean out Canterbury Brook, plant trees, and build trails. Nature heroes are the donors who generously support our programs, participate in Bird-a-thon, and attend fundraising events.

At BNC, we are surrounded by nature heroes. We need you more than ever in our fragmented world. Thank you for being a nature hero and for being a part of our community!