Arcadia Nature Day Camp | Program Descriptions & Hours

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At Arcadia Nature Day Camp in Easthampton, children ages 4 to 16 can develop their interest in the outdoors, connect with nature, gain self-confidence, and have the freedom to play in the natural world. Camp takes place at our 700-acre wildlife sanctuary featuring protected forests, fields, and vernal pools—the perfect setting to explore a variety of ecological communities.

Our programs reveal nature through hikes, games, hands-on activities, wildlife observation, songs, and crafts. Campers spend time discovering special places, meeting new friends, playing games, and having fun outside!

Camp Hours

  • Half Day: 9:00 am–12:00 pm (Woolly Bears)
  • Full Day: 9:00 am–3:00 pm
  • After Camp Option: 3:00–4:30 pm

Nature Camp Sessions | Special Interest Sessions | Naturalists-in-Training
Extended Day Option

Nature Camp Sessions • Ages 4–12


Woolly Bears (ages 4–6)
Counselor-to-Camper Ratio: 1 to 5
This half-day mini-camp will introduce your child to the wonders of nature through games, hikes, silly camp songs, and crafts. Each day begins with group circle time and a nature-themed skit, puppet show, or story.


Hummingbirds (ages 4–6)
Counselor-to-Camper Ratio: 1 to 5
Hummingbirds learn about Arcadia’s varied habitats and the plants and animals that inhabit them. Campers are introduced to the natural world through hikes, hands-on learning, and sensory awareness activities such as scavenger hunts and creative play. 

Fireflies (ages 6–12)
Counselor-to-Camper Ratio (ages 6 & under): 1 to 5
Counselor-to-Camper Ratio (ages 7+): 1 to 8
Campers come together for morning and afternoon circle time, and are divided by age for hikes and group time. The entire group gathers again for Choice Time activities such as shelter-building and "Create-a-Critter," and the popular all-camp game, "Predator/Prey."

Kingfishers (ages 7–9)
Counselor-to-Camper Ratio: 1 to 8
Kingfishers explore the far reaches of Arcadia, including our much-loved clay pits and the stream beds, on daily hikes. Campers play games, and begin to piece together the web of life and understand the meaning of community on various levels. 

Great Blue Herons (ages 9–12)
Counselor-to-Camper Ratio: 1 to 8
Great Blue Herons participate in a real research project such as monitoring vernal pools, digging for and documenting endangered mussel species, or surveying dragonfly or butterfly populations. Campers will hike Mount Tom and explore the Arcadia Marsh via canoe, weather permitting. 

Special Interest Sessions • Ages 10–16

Art Camp (ages 10–14)
July 8–12 • Counselor-to-Camper Ratio: 1 to 8
Discover your inner artist as you create watercolor paintings, sculptures, and drawings. Hike the trails of Arcadia using an artist’s eye to observe nature, and play some games along the way.

Photography (ages 10–16)
July 22–26 & August 5-9 • Counselor-to-Camper Ratio: 1 to 8
Learn how to use a digital camera to take awesome nature photographs, and create your own nature journal. Hike the trails and paddle the waters of Arcadia. Review your images with fellow campers, learn photography tips and techniques, and play a few camp games.

Raptors (ages 12–16)
June 24–28 • Counselor-to-Camper Ratio: 1 to 8
This is for campers who love birds! Set out to discover birds by foot and canoe at Arcadia and local birding hot spots. Get to see bird banding up close, and learn how to identify birds by sight and sound. An entire day will be devoted to raptors (birds of prey).

Naturalists-in-Training • Ages 14–18

Naturalists-in-Training (NITs) gain valuable leadership skills while assisting camp counselors in conducting activities. Please contact Laura Beltran to request an application. Applicants will be interviewed and notified of acceptance.

Extended Day Option

After Camp (3:00–4:30 pm) • July 8-August 16 

Campers enrolled in our optional After Camp program can play games, read books, and enjoy crafts.

Registration is required. Select desired dates for this optional program during checkout when enrolling online. 

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What Others Are Saying

“My child came home excited about something new at camp every day!”

“My son asked: Do I get to go to Arcadia every summer?”

“The birding camp is GREAT as always! Thanks again for another interesting and inspiring camp!”