Winter Survival

Students will explore what it takes to survive in the winter; both from a human and wildlife perspective. They will learn about different strategies, work together to find the best hibernation spot, play a game that explores the subnivean layer, and if the conditions are right, build their own survival shelters.

Program Location(s):

Arcadia, Easthampton


3, 4, 5


  • Children - $ 10.00
  • Adults - $ 0.00
  • Minimum program fee is $100. Program duration is 3 hours with time included for lunch.

Curriculum Frameworks:

Comp Health: Personal and Community Health: Ecological Health (PreK-12)
Eng Lang Arts: Language: Discussion (PreK-12)
Eng Lang Arts: Language: Questioning, Listening, and Contributing (PreK-12)
Science: Life Science: Characteristics of Plants and Animals (3-5)
Science: Life Science: Structures and Functions (3-5)
Science: Life Science: Adaptations of Living Things (3-5)
Science: Life Science: Energy and Living Things (3-5)
Science: Earth Science: Weather (3-5)

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