Night Hike

Learn about the natural world at night by taking a "night hike." We will learn to let our eyes adjust to the darkness as we develop our night vision. Students will learn about local nocturnal animals and their adaptations. Students will listen for night sounds and enjoy a "sparkle party" at the end. If the weather is inclement, part of this program may be done indoors.

Program Location(s):

Arcadia, Easthampton
your school or other location


4, 5, 6, 7, 8


  • Children - $ 7.00
  • Adults - $ 7.00
  • $100 per program

Curriculum Frameworks:

Eng Lang Arts: Language: Discussion (PreK-12)
Eng Lang Arts: Language: Questioning, Listening, and Contributing (PreK-12)
Science: Life Science: Characteristics of Living Things (PreK-2)
Science: Earth Science: Earth's Materials (PreK-2)
Science: Life Science: Characteristics of Plants and Animals (3-5)
Science: Life Science: Structures and Functions (3-5)
Science: Life Science: Adaptations of Living Things (3-5)
Science: Earth Science: Rocks and Their Properties (3-5)
Science: Physical Science: Properties of Objects and Materials (3-5)
Science: Life Science: Living Things and Their Environment (6-8)
Science: Life Science: Ecology (9-12)

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