Published on February 1, 2022

Observation Tower Gets a Refresh

The renovated Observation Tower at Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary

Last fall, the Observation Tower at Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary got a makeover.

The popular feature, which overlooks the Mill River, was renovated by Property Manager Trevor Chalmers and Property Worker Basil Bartlett to improve safety, aesthetics, and function.

To strengthen the wire rope tethering the structure to the ground, Trevor reconnected with the local company that produced the original rope 50 years ago.

The Tower does still sway—that actually makes it resilient in wind and weather—but the new rope firmly anchors the structure.

The blinds face upriver inside observation tower at Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary

The Tower’s new roof is translucent so birds can be spotted from above. Blinds at eye level for children have been added.

Now that it's once again open to the public, you're invited to come view the handiwork (and scenery) for yourself!

Just head to the Fern Trail and climb up the Observation Tower's spiral staircase.