Published on June 4, 2018

Get Creative While Enjoying Nature at Arcadia's Art House

Art House artwork "Birds" © Marisa Douglas
Art House artwork: "Birds" © Marisa Douglas

Imagine are walking along Tulip Tree Trail and have just spotted a magnificent blue bird. You are curious about what you saw and want to learn more.

Then, just ahead of you is Arcadia’s Art House, welcoming you to come and explore.

Inside, you find a volunteer who helps you to identify the bird you saw in our bird book. Using a short step-by-step lesson, you can draw, paint, or sculpt a bird similar to the one you saw. Or if you prefer, you can color in a pre-made drawing.

Bring your ideas and questions to the Art House, and we’ll help you bring those ideas—and countless others—to life while you enjoy some creative, relaxing time in nature. All ages are invited and supplies provided!

The Art House is located just off Tulip Tree Trail and is open May–November. 

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