Hidden Worlds: Exploring Nature's Smallest Treasures

September 3–30, 2019
"Red Eft peers out" © Jessica Benson Evans
"Red Eft peers out" © Jessica Benson Evans

The Gallery at Arcadia will exhibit photography by Jessica Benson Evans during the month of September. 

As an amateur mycologist and nature photographer, Jess is deeply interested in the smallest aspects of nature that are often missed. Slime molds, tiny insects, fungi, flowers—each has a place in this exhibition featuring hidden treasures from the natural world.

In addition, Jess is committed to reducing, reusing, and recycling whenever possible. That's why many of the frames used in this exhibit are ones she acquired secondhand.

Artist‘s Bio

Jessica Benson Evans is also a preschool teacher and parent to an elementary-aged child. She's always looking for opportunities to introduce nature to young children.

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