"A Tale of Two Shacks" – Acrylic Paintings by Russell Steven Powell

March 1–31, 2019

The Gallery at Arcadia will exhibit acrylic paintings by Russell Steven Powell during the month of March.

Thalassa 3 © Russell Steven Powell
Thalassa 3 © Russell Steven Powell

A Tale of Two Shacks features acrylic paintings created at two disparate locations in different seasons. Some were painted at Arcadia's Art House between May and September, while others were created during a one-week stay in a dune shack at Cape Cod National Seashore in October.

Both one-room shacks provided solitude, but in two contrasting environments—Arcadia’s peaceful woodland, and a bluff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. 

Opening Reception

Saturday, March 9 • 1:00-3:00 pm

FREE. Featuring a screening of the documentary “Shack Time" (https://shacktime.org/dvd/).

Light refreshments provided.

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