Schedule of Art Exhibits at Arcadia 2019

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The gallery is located in the Arcadia Visitor Center and is open Monday-Saturday from 9:00 am-3:00 pm (Sunday hours vary seasonally).

January 2019 Jan Ruby-Crystal (Following My Eyes)
February Sophie Argetsinger (Rare Species of Mt. Tom)
March Russell Powell (A Tale of Two Shacks)
April Marty Espinola (Moments Offered)
May Hampshire Bird Club (Bird Photography)
June Helen Lozoraitis (Birds in Fictional Landscapes)
July Allison Ryan (Looking Locally – Naturally!)
August  Doris Madsen (Into the Woods: Monotypes)
September  Jessica Benson Evans (Hidden Worlds: Exploring Nature's Smallest Treasures)
October  John Green & Friends (Photography)
November  Mass Audubon Photo Contest Winners
December Arcadia Art House Artists