3-2-1 Climate Countdown Pledge

Morning view of Mt. Tom from Arcadia's meadows © Phil Doyle
Morning view of Mt. Tom © Phil Doyle

I pledge to do my part to slow, stop, and reverse climate change for the good of everyone and everything on our planet. Learn More >

I will:

Tell 3 people about climate change and how they can be part of the solution. 

Take 2 individual climate actions in the 4 main carbon-saving categories:


  • carpool or bus
  • walk or bike
  • upgrade to an electric
    or hybrid vehicle


  • turn electronics off
  • use LED bulbs
  • switch to renewable


  • eat local
  • eat less meat
  • go vegan

Land Protection:

  • explore a natural place
  • plant a native tree
  • donate to Mass Audubon
    (or a local land trust)

 Join or start 1 community solution to climate change, such as:

  • Encourage my community to purchase sustainable energy through Green Municipal Aggregation
  • Join a Climate Action group in my area
  • Give my workplace a climate friendly face-lift (better for workers, the planet, and the budget!)
  • Support carbon pricing

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