Published on June 24, 2021

New Area Added to the Boulder Loop Trail

The new clearing on the Boulder Loop trail at Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary

Summer has brought an opportunity to explore a newly created space along the Boulder Loop as part of the trail system at Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary!

What was once a small trail connecting the Woodland Loop and Grassland Trail has been opened up into an inviting space perfect for outdoor relaxation, exploration, and imagination.

This area was initially created by the retreat of the last ice age some 10,000 years ago. And the centerpieces of the park are two enormous granite boulders that had been hidden under years of invasive plant spread until the Allens Pond Trail Blazers, our intrepid volunteer crew, set them free earlier this spring.

A volunteer rests among the boulders after the area was cleared of invasive plants
After all invasives were cleared

Thanks to their hard work, you can now climb to the top of the boulders for a new perspective on the woods and surrounding vistas. Or, if you prefer something more stationary, you could meditate among the granite or lean against one to read a book. In addition, the amphitheater-like hollows create an excellent space to sing or play an acoustic instrument in.

The Boulder Loop clearing provides a unique element of enjoyment along the seven miles of trails and shoreline at Allens Pond.

But don't just take our word for it! Grab a picnic and your sense of adventure and visit the sanctuary to explore for yourself.