Published on August 14, 2017

2017 Allens Pond Duck Derby Results

5,927 Ducks Raced on the Incoming Tide and "Panda" Took First Place

Event raised $53,000 for Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary

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This year was a great 14th year for the Allens Pond Duck Derby with 5,927 ducks racing on the incoming tide at Barney’s Joy.

Caron Rocha adopted “Panda”, along with 12 other ducks and boy, did her little racer do well! Now Caron has quite the decision to make—actually, a couple of decisions to make. First, what will her dream vacation destination be? And second, who will she travel with?

From all accounts, Caron's duck, “Panda” was determined and raced with ferocity among the pack to claim her victory.  Thailand and China have been circulating about as potential destinations, but we’ll wait for final confirmation from the winner.  

Now let’s take a few steps back to the afternoon of Saturday, August 12, when all those rubber ducks entered the water and raced through the channel at Barney’s Joy. They were competing to win the Grand Prize—dinner for two anywhere in the world, with round-trip airfare and two nights’ lodging—as well as 41 other fantastic prizes. It was overcast and rainy at first, but the rain stopped and the sun broke through just in time for the race.

By then, loads of enthusiastic race volunteers, viewers, and staff were excited and ready for the big event, including our winner! Caron and her kids have volunteered as “Duck Wranglers” for the event for years—helping to get the ducks in and out of the water (no small feat). When notified over the phone by Sanctuary Director Gina Purtell that she had won, Caron was completely surprised that one of her ducks did indeed win the grand prize!

The Duck Derby Festival that followed the race was phenomenal, with over 250 people in attendance, loads of activities and educational exhibits from Allens Pond and partner organizations, a delicious $5 BBQ with amazing homemade desserts, and live music.  A successful silent auction and live plant auction topped it all off.  

All in all, over $53,000.00 was raised! The event was a major success and showed great support for the sanctuary and its conservation efforts, educational programming and environmental advocacy. 

Thank You

Endless thanks go out to all of the volunteers who supported all the events. Their hard work and dedication made the entire weekend an amazing affair.

Our thanks also go out to all of the prize donors—41 in total—with special thanks to the grand prize sponsors: Sylvan Nursery, The Bayside Restaurant, Nye Synthetic Lubricants, Compton Catering and Clambakes, Milbury and Compnay Real Estate Brokerage and Oppenheimer, as well as Buckley and Moniz, Village Travel and Austin Limousine Service.

Festival sponsors were were Watchman Waterproofing, Fiber Optic Center, Inc. and Whaling City Sound of New Bedford.  Tents generously donated by Sperry Tents and food for the event by Coastal Roasters, Eva’s Garden and the Bayside Restaurant.   

This tremendous combined support is what makes it possible for all duck adoption fees to go directly to support Allens Pond.

Prize Winners

Below is the official list of winners for the 2017 Allens Pond Duck Derby in descending order from 'Slacker Quacker' (last duck in) to the Grand Prize winner, "Panda."

If you are a prize winner, please call the field station at (508) 636-2437 or email us at so we can coordinate pickup and/or mail delivery of your item. 

List of All Prizes

Listed by Prize ($ Value) | Duck Name | Winner Name | Winner's Town/State

  • Slacker Quacker One free duck entry for 2017 Duck Derby Hope Janet White North Dighton, MA
  • Stealth Duck "Box of Quackers" for 2017 Duck Derby Trevor Victoria Konar Houston, TX
  • Prize 41 Wind Drift Studio Sharon's Murals and Faux Finishes ($50) Iceland Lisa Orton Somerset, MA
  • Prize 40 Westport Apothecary Gift Certificate ($50) Diale Janet Haring South Dartmouth, MA
  • Prize 39 Village Merchant Gift Certificate ($50) Vegas Jeanne Duarte Fall River, MA
  • Prize 38 Sail Loft Gift Certificate ($50) Duck #1 Gib Smith Westport, MA
  • Prize 37 Peckham’s Greenhouse Gift Certificate ($50) Wrigley#6 Henry Barnard South Dartmouth, MA
  • Prize 36 Partners Village Store Merchandise & Gift Certificate ($50) Lily Barb Henderson Cohasset, MA
  • Prize 35 Norton Gallery Gift Certificate ($50) Joker Jennifer Linch North Dartmouth, MA
  • Prize 34 Head Town Landing Store Gift Certificate ($50) Stormin Susan Walas South Dartmouth, MA
  • Prize 33 Folia Gift Certificate ($50) Mary Jane Devon DeGrazia Westport, MA
  • Prize 32 A.S. Deams Gift Certificate ($50) Jay Cyn Spence South Dartmouth, MA
  • Prize 31 DNRT Family Membership ($50) Jack-o Mary Anne Thadeu Westport Point, MA
  • Prize 30 Dartmouth Building Supply Gift Certificate ($50) My Girl Irene Buck Westport, MA
  • Prize 29 Dartmoor Gifts Gift Certificate ($50) Meaghan Deirdre Healy Fairhaven, MA
  • Prize 28 The Comfort of Touch Gift Certificate ($60) Hakan Nikki Kalokerinos New York, NY
  • Prize 27 Sisters of Solace Holistic Healing Gift Certificate ($65) Lyra Susan Bergquist Lakeville, MA
  • Prize 26 New Bedford Whaling Museum Four Admission Passes ($68) Liam Carol Veiga South Dartmouth, MA
  • Prize 25 New Bedford Art Museum/ArtWorks! Membership ($75) Serafinn Patricia O'Hearn New York, NY
  • Prize 24 Flora Gift Certificate ($75) Nicole Ethan Gallo Westport, MA
  • Prize 23 Cape Cod Cupola Gift Certificate ($75) Sylvie Elizabeth Graver Lincoln, MA
  • Prize 22 The Back Eddy Gift Certificate ($75) Christopher John Niles Westport Point, MA
  • Prize 21 Carabiner’s Personal Belay for Four ($90) Geoff Meghan Kish New Bedford, MA
  • Prize 20 Westport Concerts on the Point Four Tickets ($100) Willa Lisa Balaschak Dartmouth, MA
  • Prize 19 Beehive Salon Cut & Color with Caite ($100) Angela Correia Angela Correia Dartmouth, MA
  • Prize 18 Little Moss Gift Certificate ($100) Pat #3 Pat Peelen South Dartmouth, MA
  • Prize 17 Country Woolens Gift Certificate ($100) Dr. Mr. Johson Gina Bramwell Westport, MA
  • Prize 16 Ace Hardware Gift Certificate ($100) Natalia Fred Da Rosa South Dartmouth, MA
  • Prize 15 WRWA Membership, Tote Bag & Gift ($120) Buddy Q Merilee Kelly Mattapoisett, MA
  • Prize 14 Westport Art Group Membership & One Class ($125) Duck #10 Alice Nichols Providence, RI
  • Prize 13 Salt Marsh Pottery Gift Certificate ($125) Bellisimo Sue Coles Barre, MA
  • Prize 12 Tripp’s Boatyard & Marina Three Life Jackets ($135) Bali Mary Ellen Lees Dartmouth, MA
  • Prize 11 Allendale Country Club Golf Twosome with Cart ($140) Bogey Sylvia Parr Fair Oaks, CA
  • Prize 10 Allendale Country Club Golf Twosome with Cart ($140) Waverider Irene Buck Westport, MA
  • Prize 9 Mass Audubon Family Membership & Gift Pack ($150) Rio Claudia Arsenio North Dartmouth, MA
  • Prize 8 Carol Veiga Original Artwork (150) Splash Lynn Randall Concord, MA
  • Prize 7 Lloyd Center Family Membership & Kayak Tour for 2 ($150) Lily Sara Quintal Westport, MA
  • Prize 6 Residence Inn One Night Studio Stay & Breakfast ($200) Moose Meghan Kish New Bedford, MA
  • Prize 5 Paquachuck Inn One Night Stay ($200) Arts for Peace Cindy Cohen Barrington, NH
  • Prize 4 Sylvan Nursery Gift Certificate ($250) Goldie Locks Doreen Manchester Westport, MA
  • Prize 3 Lees Wine and Spirits Gift Certificate ($250) Duck #2 Alice Nichols Providence, RI
  • Prize 2 Dartmouth YMCA Two Youth Memberships ($300) Hail Mary Joe Vitelli Dartmouth, MA
  • Grand Prize: Dinner for Two with airfare & hotel (508) 864-3191 (PRICELESS) Panda Caron Rocha Dartmouth, MA