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Mass Audubon has been leading discerning travelers to the world's most exciting wilderness destinations since the early 1960’s. Our mission is to combine world-class birding with broader education about the natural world and the culture of the place. Why does a conservation organization have a travel program? Because we know that the more time one spends out in nature, learning about the natural world, the more one will be likely to embrace the protection of wildlife and their habitats. 

The tours are designed to help you learn about birds, wildlife, and the natural world—be it Maine or Mongolia—while having fun with a group of like-minded people.

Most of the international tours are for people who love world-class birding but want the opportunity to enjoy additional natural highlights of a region, such as wildflowers, butterflies, mammals, and plants. The tours vary in their emphasis, often based on the destination and/or leader. For example, the Birding in Costa Rica tour is primarily focused on birding while Tour of Crete's Nature and Culture includes cultural stops and botany interests as well as daily birding.

Addressing the Impact of Travel

We—as an organization and individuals—are deeply committed to getting people connected to nature. We value the diversity and resilience of nature and treasure its beauty.

However, the effects of climate change are evident, and we, as travelers, are often conflicted with our desire to explore new places while wanting to be responsible stewards of the natural world. Mass Audubon works to fight climate change, but we know we can do even more.

So as of fall 2017, we have teamed up with NativeEnergy to offset the carbon costs of Mass Audubon’s tour flights. As an organization that is dedicated to protecting the nature of Massachusetts, we believe it’s critical that we do our best to encourage everyone, including our travelers, to leave a minimal carbon footprint on our precious planet. Learn more >

Our travelers tell us that they join Mass Audubon tours because they like: 

Our leaders

Professional and personable, Mass Audubon naturalists and ornithologists partner with a local guide on all our international tours, creating a wonderful opportunity to support the local conservation organizations and communities. 

Small groups

Our tours typically have fewer than 14 travelers and two guides. Many people like the comradery of traveling with like-minded people: who are interested in birds, conservation and exploration!

Superb itineraries

Novice, as well as veteran birders, appreciate that we are constantly creating and improving tours that will give you the best possible birding and natural history experience. We also provide comprehensive trip preparation information, handle logistics smoothly, and provide personalized service before and after the tour. Check out our upcoming tours.

Supporting Conservation

Our tours support local conservation work, as well as provide important funding for conservation programs at Mass Audubon. We adhere to Mass Audubon's Standards for Responsible Travel.

"The success of a trip depends on the details. Both our Mass Audubon leader and our in-country guide were excellent at taking care of the small stuff... They not only helped us see birds, animals, and plants but were attentive to our personal needs, as well. They were unsurpassed in their knowledge, competence, and unfailing kindness... I recommend traveling with Mass Audubon"
–Mass Audubon traveler on a Zambia tour