Conservation Survey for Birders

Northern Parula - Kristin Foresto
Northern parula

Mass Audubon's Education Department is working on ways to move people to conservation action. We’re focusing this effort on the community of birders, and we invite you to take a brief survey designed to help us collect information on:

  • The different types of birding activities you engage in
  • Your familiarity with environmental issues affecting local and global bird populations
  • Your understanding of the impacts associated with these conservation issues
  • Your familiarity and engagement with conservation actions that can help mediate these impacts

Your responses to this survey will help us develop educational materials that build on birders’ familiarity with conservation issues, and that are relevant to birders' current levels of engagement with certain conservation actions.

By taking this survey, you are helping us to develop materials that will be effective and applicable to your fellow birders.

Thank you for helping us with this important project, and for all you already do to help support birds and those of us who work to understand and protect them.

Take the survey