Thursday, January 11, 2018

January 11, 2018

A white-winged scoter is still being reported at the southern end of the Quabbin Reservoir. A northern saw-whet owl was also reported at the reservoir.

Rough-legged hawks were seen in Sheffield and Longmeadow.

A Lapland longspur continues in Hadley and two Lapland longspurs were seen in Sheffield.

A snowy owl was found in Williamstown, and an evening grosbeak was reported in Colrain.

Other uncommon or lingering, species included: wood duck, northern pintail, common goldeneye, hooded, red-breasted, and common mergansers, horned grebe, great blue heron, black vulture, northern harrier, Cooper’s hawk, sharp-shinned hawk, red-shouldered hawk, kestrel, merlin, and peregrine falcon.

Also belted kingfisher, yellow-bellied sapsucker, red-breasted nuthatch, winter wren, ruby and golden-crowned kinglets, brown creeper. snow bunting, horned lark, fish crow, cedar waxwing, eastern bluebird, hermit thrush, catbird, pipit, yellow-rumped warbler, fox, field, savannah, and white crowned sparrows, rusty blackbird, grackle, red-winged blackbird and purple finch.