Eastern Massachusetts Bird Sightings

Parent and child birding in spring © Charles Lawrence
© Charles Lawrence

Below are the sightings from the last four weeks in Eastern Massachusetts.

Rarities this week were headlined by a Trumpeter Swan that continues to be seen on Milford Pond in Milford along with a Wood Duck, and a Mew Gull reported from King’s Beach in Lynn and Swampscott. Read More >

Crane Beach in Ipswich yielded a few unseasonable sightings this week—including a Northern Shoveler, an Eastern Phoebe, a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, 2 Gray Catbieds, 3 Purple Finches, a Yellow-breasted Chat, and 4 Yellow-rumped Warblers—along with the usual mix of winter ducks and raptors. Read More >

The past week has been slow for rare birds, although alcids and seabirds continue to show well during winter storms along the coast, and interesting semi-hardy passerines like Yellow-breasted Chats, Gray Catbirds, and Hermit Thrushes are often found in sheltered thickets with fruiting bushes near the coast. Read More >