Eastern Massachusetts Bird Sightings

Waterfowl tallied at the Topsfield Fairgrounds this week included a Cackling Goose, 10 Northern Pintail, 38 Green-winged Teal, and a Eurasian Green-winged Teal. Read more >

This past week was dominated by the horrific Nor’easter that battered the coast for several days. Despite the severity of the storm, seemingly relatively few seabirds were displaced inland by the storm other than a handful of Dovekies and Thick-billed Murres. Read more >

After the record-breaking mild weather two weeks ago, this week saw a return to more seasonal conditions. Nonetheless, signs of spring were still obvious by the increased presence of several waterfowl species, the return of Great Blue Herons to their nesting sites, the noisy displays of Red-shouldered Hawks, [...] Read more >

The record-breaking mild weather this week ushered in a number of signs of early spring, including the arrival of a number of freshwater ducks, migrant Turkey Vultures, displaying Red-shouldered Hawks, the calling of American Woodcocks, Fish Crows appearing in places where they have been absent all winter [...] Read more >