Eastern Massachusetts Bird Sightings

Parent and child birding in spring © Charles Lawrence
© Charles Lawrence

Below are the sightings from the last four weeks in Eastern Massachusetts.

Spring warbler migration is slowly creeping into Eastern Massachusetts, although it started with a sudden bang in the Cape and Islands. Strong southwest winds caused many migrants to "overshoot" their breeding grounds, [...] Read More >

This week's most interesting sightings were a Caspian Tern at Barton's Cove in Gill and a Clay-colored Sparrow in Medford. Miscellaneous sightings this week included a Eurasian Wigeon at Broad Cove in Somerset, [...] Read More >

This week's highlight was a Ruff, a rare vagrant shorebird from Eurasia, in the wet meadows along Scotland Road in Newbury. Other sightings from the same location included 8 Northern Shovelers [...] Read More >

New migrants this week include some of our earliest-arriving insectivores and shorebirds. Keep an eye out for Wilson’s Snipes, Tree Swallows, Eastern Phoebes, and Ruby-crowned Kinglets. Read More >