Bird-a-thon Resources

BAT high flyers on beach

This page contains important information for Bird-a-thon team members, including the rules, incentives and prizes, and offline gift forms. 



Bird-a-thon Rules >
County Cup Rules >
Incentives, Trophies, and Prizes >

Coming Soon: List of Teams, Team Captain Contact List


Logos & Icons

Coming Soon: Facebook Cover Photo; Instagram Square Photo; Bird-a-thon Poster; Printout—I Bird-a-thon Because; Bird-a-thon Press Release


Birding Tips >
Bird-a-thon in the Rain >
Birding Code of Ethics >
Bird-a-thon 2017 Master List of Species Recorded >

Coming Soon: Bird-a-thon 2018 Official Species Checklist


Broadening Your List of Sponsors >

Coming Soon: TeamRaiser for Participants; Bird-a-thon 2018 Offline Donation Form; Offline Donation/Pledge Tracker

Team Captain's Corner

Best Practices for Bird-a-thon Promotion and Fundraising >

Coming Soon: Important Dates & Responsibilities; TeamRaiser for Team Captains; Bird-a-thon Team Roster Form