Featured Trails: South East

A road through the woods at North River Wildlife Sanctuary

Building a fairy house

Talaquega Trail and Lake LoopOak Knoll Wildlife Sanctuary, Attleboro

Length: 1 mile
Intensity: Easy/Moderate
Fun fact: This trail is home to Oak Knoll’s nature play area, where kids can use found objects to build fairy homes, hide in a giant bird’s nest, and hop along Sid the Snake Stump Jump.

Spotting bobolinks in the summer

The Fox Hill Trail & Pond Loop - Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary, Marshfield

Length: 2.5 miles
Intensity: Easy
Fun fact: Stop at the two observation blinds that you pass to look for sunning turtles and green herons in or around the shallow pond. It’s a great spot for close-up photos.

Watching for harbor seals in winter

River Loop Trail - North River-South Shore, Marshfield

Length: 1 mile
Intensity: Easy/Moderate, with slight incline
Fun fact: Be sure take the boardwalk spur that leads to an observation deck overlooking the North River for the best shot at seeing seals along with wintering ducks.

Seeing a nesting killdeer

Beach Loop - Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary, Dartmouth

Length: 1 mile
Intensity: Moderate
Fun fact: Watch your feet: this trail passes where killdeer will nest right in the ground.

Getting a good look at puddingstone

Reflection Trail - Attleboro Springs Wildlife Sanctuary at La Salette

Length: 0.5 miles
Intensity: Easy
Fun Fact: This ADA-accessible trail passes a small frog pond originally used as a hockey rink and over a vernal pool before stopping at an enormous outcropping of puddingstone.