Featured Trails: Metro South

People walking on the marsh boardwalk at Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary

Red Dot Great Blue Hill Trail

Blue Hills Trailside Museum, Milton

Length: 1 mile
Intensity: Moderate
Fun Fact: Watch for soaring hawks and Turkey Vultures.

Vernal Pool Loop

Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary, Sharon

Length: 1.5 miles
Intensity: Easy/Moderate
Fun Fact: This trail also has a Quest, making it especially fun for families.

Main Loop

Museum of American Bird Art, Canton

Length: 1.5 miles
Intensity: Easy
Fun Fact: The trails behind the museum once served as inspiration for the land’s original owner, who was an artist and bird lover.

Sensory Trail

Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary, Norfolk

Length: 0.4 miles
Intensity: Easy
Fun Fact: Interpretive stops along this self-guided post-and-rope trail for the visually impaired highlight the natural and cultural resources along the way.