Trinidad & Tobago

March 2013

Trinidad group © Emily Szczypek
© Emily Szczypek
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In March 2013, Mass Audubon's Jeff Collins was joined by 11 travelers for a tour of Trinidad and Tobago.

Counting all species seen or heard by anybody in the group, including the guides, the trip totaled 193 species, a fantastic haul and a great cross-section of avian diversity of the neotropics.

Highlights include:

  • Piping Guan, known locally as the Pawi
  • Moriche Oriole
  • Little Egret on Tobago
  • Exceptional looks at a Common Potoo and Silky Anteater
  • Scarlet Ibises
  • The ‘hummingbird house’
  • An amazing encounter with a Leatherback Turtle