Colombia 2015 - Eastern Andes & Santa Marta

I Carras Colombia
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January 2015

Elissa Landre and local guides led twelve Mass Audubon travelers through the Eastern Andes, the largest of the 3 mountain ranges in Colombia. The trip covered a wide altitudinal range and diversity of habitats: paramo, dry temperate scrub, humid and subtropical forests and woodlands.

There are 15 national parks and 20 Important Birds Areas (IBA’s) in the region. Unique specialties sighted include Apolinar’s Wren. 

The Santa Marta Mountains, with the tallest peaks in the country, are completely cut off from the Andes and therefore have a high density of endemics. The group spotted Rusty-headed Spinetail and White-tailed Starfrontlet among others.

The total number of species seen or heard on the trip was 278 including 25 species endemic to Colombia!

Download the trip log for more highlights.