Burma (Myanmar)

January 2014

In January, Chris Leahy led a group of 8 travelers to our first birding (and more!) tour of Burma. These two weeks turned out to be every bit as beautiful and fascinating as we had hoped – and with a number of positive surprises. Highlights include:

  • The temple city of Bagan, which exceeded our very high expectations as a wonder every bit as moving as, say, Angkor, Machu-Picchu, or any other spiritual site you could name – and it yielded up all four of its endemic bird species including the elusive Hooded Treepie!  
  • The birding at Nat ma taung (Mt. Victoria) managed to produce new birds for four full days and we ended the trip with over 330 species.
  • A lovely late afternoon cruise on the mighty Irrawaddy – the Road to Mandalay – with hosts of Small Pratincoles coming in to roost near sunset.
  • The pearly expanse of Inle Lake with its swarms of waterfowl and famous leg-propelled fishermen in the early morning light made a perfect tour finale.
  • And the food was fantastic with seemingly endless variations.

Overall, this was a wonderful experience and a fine addition to our portfolio of tours. We will surely return to explore this wonderful country with its variety of habitats and landscapes, great birding, friendly, welcoming people, and a rich cultural heritage.