Destination: Big Bend National Park, Texas

April 2010

Mexican Jay in Big Bend National Park, Texas

Carol Decker and Scott Santino (of the Ipswich Wildlife Sanctuary) led an enthusiastic group to Big Bend National Park (and surrounding areas) in Texas.    

The group had many memorable moments. One of the best was the sighting of a Gray Hawk in flight with a snake in its talons! The much anticipate sight of a Colima Warbler singing its trill-like song in good view was another highlight. 

It was lovely to see a variety of birds in their breeding plumage at the Balmorrhea wetlands, including American Avocets, Black-necked Stilts, and White-faced Ibis. The group also saw Elf Owls, a Burrowing Owl, an Acorn Woodpecker, and a variety of other birds and wildlife including a large group of Barberry Sheep. 

The gorgeous site of the desert in bloom, the great company and outstanding birds, made this a memorable trip. 

The parting note was the ever popular Montezuma Quail joining the group during their last picnic!