Belize Bird Banding

December 2010

White collard manakin Belize
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During the December 2010 9-day trip, travelers participated in bird banding operations at PfB’s La Milpa Field Station located in the 260,000-acre Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area in Belize. In conjunction with banding operations, travelers also provided bird monitoring activities, conducted banding workshops for naturalist guides and educators, and provided community outreach programs.

While working in collaboration with conservation partner the Programme for Belize (PfB), travelers contributed to a legacy of research while deepening their knowledge of aviary species, bird banding techniques, migration patterns, and much more.

The group saw a total of 228 bird species and other wildlife, laughed a lot, and provided a great training opportunity in bird banding for the Belizean naturalists.

Some highlights of the program, as described by members of the group, include:

  • Seeing “our” New England breeding birds feeding alongside the resident birds – Hooded Warblers with Red-throated Ant-Tanagers and White-breasted Wood-Wrens
  • The Morelet’s Crocodile in the pond at La Milpa
  • The 30+ Fork-tailed Flycatchers as we drove to the rice fields
  • The Spotted Wood-Quail we saw while with Peter
  • The Common Pauraques along the dirt road from the Bird’s Eye View Lodge
  • Extracting a Red-capped Manakin from the mist net
  • Banding the White-collared Seedeater – my first extraction
  • Driving down the road and seeing the Great Curassows (La Milpa)
  • The Chestnut-colored Woodpecker in the plaza of the La Milpa archeological site
  • Sitting at breakfast at La Milpa and seeing the following birds in the fruiting tree: Collared Aracari, Red-capped Manakin, Black-headed Saltator, Yellow-breasted Chat, Gray Catbird, Melodious Blackbird, and Green-backed Sparrow
  • Seeing all of the Army Ants – watching all of the birds feeding around the swarm
  • Walking along the Mahogany Trail – what a beautiful forest
  • Enjoying the meals at La Milpa – really great food
  • Seeing five Yellow-headed Parrots during our drive from La Milpa to Crooked Tree