Amy Weidensaul

Amy Weidensaul, IR Sanctuary Director

Amy Weidensaul is Sanctuary Director at Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary and a passionate advocate for youth engagement in conservation.

She earned a Bachelor's in biology from the University of New Hampshire, and a Master's in educational leadership from Lehigh University. She earned a PhD from Antioch University in New Hampshire, and her thesis focused on lifelong impacts of youth environmental education programs.

Amy came to Mass Audubon in 2018 from Audubon Pennsylvania, where she had worked since 2009 and was serving as the Deputy Director of Conservation & Engagement with a focus on the state office's education programs and on-the-ground habitat improvement. From 1998 to 2008, she worked for National Audubon's state program in Maryland and Washington, DC, much of that time managing a 1,000-acre sanctuary on the Eastern Shore.