Mongolia - Our Work

Mass Audubon & Nomadic Expeditions Guide Training in Mongolia

Mass Audubon and Nomadic Expeditions, Mongolia’s premier tour operator and expedition outfitter, have joined forces to create a new conservation model aimed at helping to protect Mongolia’s vast and fragile ecosystems.

Guide Training

On behalf of Mass Audubon, Chris Leahy, the former Gerard A. Bertrand Chair of Natural History and Field Ornithology at Mass Audubon, has trained guides in all aspects of Mongolia’s natural history and conservation issues, giving them an understanding of the threats to the country’s biodiversity.

The guides will become de facto watchdogs for protected areas that are chronically understaffed and therefore vulnerable to poaching and illegal extractions. At the same time, he’s helped enrich travel programs for visitors.

Creating Environmental Education Programs

Mass Audubon’s goal is to establish programs for Mongolian children and adults in key destinations around the country. In addition, we hope to nurture coalitions of scientists, educators, and those conservation organizations already working in Mongolia.

Initiating this work in spring 2010, Chris Leahy gave presentations on The Nature of Mongolia and Perspectives on Conservation and Ecotourism to auditoriums filled with students at the Mongolia University of the Humanities, the Mongolian Institute of Commerce and Business, and the Zoology Department at the National University of Mongolia.