Mass Audubon & Mongolia

Mongolian Flaming Cliffs © Chris Leahy
Photo: Chris Leahy

Mongolia has always epitomized the remote, the exotic, and the mysterious—a vast wilderness that relatively few Westerners have explored. Mongolia contains limitless vistas of mountains, steppes, and deserts, all of which provide habitat for cranes and Lammergeiers, jerboas and ibex, and countless other strange and wonderful animals and plants.

The Mongolian landscape is most often associated with the Gobi, the great desert that occupies the southern third of the country. But Mongolia is more than just a desert country—it features mountain ranges with peaks ascending above 10,000 feet, immense conifer forests, and some of the world's most pristine rivers and lakes.

With the aim of protecting Mongolia's vast and fragile ecosystems as well as promoting environmentally sustainable tourism, Mass Audubon partnered with Nomadic Expeditions, Mongolia's premier tour operator and expedition outfitter. The multifaceted program will focus on ecotourism, environmental education, interpretive publications, green building design, and earth-friendly operations.

map of mongolia © CIA World Fact Book

Interesting Facts About Mongolia

Location: Northern Asia, between China and Russia
Population: 3,000,000; It's one of the most sparsely populated countries with most of its territory still unspoiled wilderness.
Size: 603,909 square miles (roughly the size of Alaska plus Maine or most of Western Europe)

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