Published on September 27, 2016

Scholarships Inspire Local Enthusiasm for Environmental Protection

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Both the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE) and Programme for Belize (PfB) promote environmental education in schools throughout Belize, encourage ecologically sound economic activity in the villages surrounding the protected areas, and make investments in the education of local students.

Environmental education programs that teach local children to respect their human and natural environments help secure a safe future for this area. Both TIDE and PfB have worked closely with the government to incorporate environmental science into the curricula for elementary schools. Their staff also visit schools to provide ecology-related educational lectures.

For schoolchildren in northern Belize, one of the most rewarding activities is staying at La Milpa or Hill Bank—expanding their appreciation of the sciences and ecology at the field level. More than one thousand students visit the RBCMA annually. PfB also reaches international students by hosting ”Save the Rainforest” courses, which include one week of terrestrial ecology and one week of marine ecology.

Mass Audubon’s Belize Conservation Fund provided scholarships for 10 high school students for the school year of 2015–2016.