Global Conservation

Mountain Pine Ridge in Belize © David Shaffer
Mountain Pine Ridge in Belize © David Shaffer

Conservation Can't Stop at the Border

Mass Audubon’s mission is protecting the nature of Massachusetts for people and wildlife, but our reach extends far beyond state lines. Our global efforts began in the late 1960s, when it became obvious that the clearing of forests and degradation of oceans affects us all regardless how well we’re protecting our own backyard.

Over 70 percent of “Massachusetts birds” spend much of the year outside of the Commonwealth.

Therefore, in order to effectively protect "our" birds, we must involve ourselves in a broader approach to conservation. That's why in 1969, Mass Audubon launched one of the world’s first major international natural history travel programs with a goal of educating participants about our global ecosystem.

Since then, Mass Audubon has embraced a limited international conservation agenda to complement its ambitious domestic one.

Xunantunich © David Shaffer
Xunantunich © David Shaffer

Through our Belize Conservation Fund, Mass Audubon provides important financial support for conservation work in Belize. Learn More >

Mongolian Flaming Cliffs © Chris Leahy

With the aim of protecting Mongolia's vast and fragile ecosystems as well as promoting environmentally sustainable tourism, Mass Audubon partnered with Nomadic Expeditions, Mongolia's premier tour operator and expedition outfitter. Learn More >

Bill Gette lecturing at Hill Bank in Belize by Dave Larson

Mass Audubon's international conservation efforts began in the 1960's and continue today in places like Belize and Mongolia. View Timeline >