Massachusetts Bird Sightings — Friday, January 6, 2023

January 6, 2023

Most notable this week was the continued presence of a Northern Lapwing in Ipswich, a Smith’s Longspur in Hadley, Tufted Ducks in Mashpee and Nantucket, Eared Grebes in Marblehead and Gloucester, Greater White-fronted Geese in Ipswich, Lancaster, and Plymouth, a MacGillivray’s Warbler in Boston, a Western Tanager in Barnstable, and a Painted Bunting in Orleans.

Cape Cod hosted a number of interesting birds this past week that included a continuing Western Grebe at Attaquin Park on Mashpee Pond in Mashpee, a Tufted Duck at Hinckley’s Pond in Harwich, a very late Least Sandpiper at North Monomoy Island and a similarly late Semipalmated Plover at Fortes Beach in Barnstable, 6 wintering Long-billed Dowitchers in the Centerville River in Barnstable, 4 Pomarine Jaegers at Skaket Beach in Orleans, a Western Tanager at a feeder in West Barnstable, and a Painted Bunting at a feeder in Orleans.  Other notable species were a single Snowy Egrets at Sea Gull Beach in Yarmouth Port and West Dennis Beach in Dennis, a Great Egret at Wood Neck Beach in Falmouth, single Black-headed Gulls at Eugenia Fortes Beach in Barnstable and Craigville Beach, and a Short-eared Owl at Nauset Beach in Orleans.

Bristol County fancy species were 5 Northern Shovelers at Buttonwood Park in New Bedford and 9 Wilson’s Snipes on Shaw Road in Fairhaven.

Plymouth County was graced by the presence of a Greater White-fronted Goose at the Eel River Preserve (North) in Plymouth and another White-front at Hedges Pond in Plymouth, a Cackling Goose at the Great Hill Dairy in Marion, a King Eider at Scituate Lighthouse off Scituate Harbor, 4 Black Vultures in Lakeville, and a Clay-colored Sparrow at Indian Brook Beach in Plymouth.

Norfolk County highlights were Snowy Egret and a Eurasian Wigeon at Passanageset Park in Quincy, a late Osprey at Longfellow Pond in Wellesley, a Glaucous Gull and an Iceland Gull at Lake Massapoag in Sharon, and 12 Rusty Blackbirds in Canton at Farnum Connolly Park.

Suffolk County luminaries were 4 Redheads at the Chestnut Hill Reservoir and a continuing MacGillivray’s Warbler at McLaughlin Woods near Mission Hill.

Essex County notables were a continuing Northern Lapwing that’s been thrilling birders for nearly two weeks in the fields off Argilla Road in Ipswich, a Greater White-fronted Goose on the grounds of the Ipswich Power & Light facility, 3 Cackling Geese at Putnamville Reservoir in Danvers and possibly another single bird at the Richardson Farm in Danvers, 3 Canvasbacks at Wenham Lake in Wenham and 2 more at Haggerts Pond in Andover, single Eared Grebes at the Little Private Beach in Marblehead and another at Niles Beach in Gloucester, a continuing Red-headed Woodpecker at Appleton Farm in Ipswich, and 18 Red Crossbills on Plum Island.

Middlesex County species of interest were 2 Redheads at Fresh Pond in Cambridge, Fox Sparrows at Great Meadows Refuge in Concord, Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, and Dunback Meadow in Lexington, 4 Gadwalls at Great Meadows in Concord, 11 Northern Pintails at Gristmill Pond in Sudbury, a large flock of 210 Common Grackles in Lincoln, and 4 Rusty Blackbirds at Horn Pond in Woburn.

Berkshire County was visited by a Horned Grebe at Cheshire Reservoir in Cheshire, 2 Snow Geese at Baldwin Hill in Egremont, a Bohemian Waxwing at the Hillside Cemetery in North Adams, 4 White-crowned Sparrows at Howden Farm in Sheffield, 100 Red-winged Blackbirds in Great Barrington, 12 Red Crossbills in Egremont and 17 more in South Egremont, 30 Evening Grosbeaks in the Savoy Mountain State Forest and 58 more grosbeaks on Windsor Jams Road in Savoy.

Franklin County highlights were a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and 2 White-crowned Sparrows in Sunderland, and 4 Horned Grebes at Quabbin Reservoir in New Salem.

Hampshire County continued to host a Smith’s Longspur at the Honey Pot in Hadley, a Snow Goose at the UMass Campus pond in Amherst, a Redhead at the South Hadley Canal Park, and a Red-necked Grebe in Belchertown at the Quabbin Windsor Dam Park.

Hampden County luminaries were 2 Gadwalls at the Longmeadow Flats in Longmeadow, a Ruby-crowned Kinglet in Springfield, and a Hermit Thrush, a Gray Catbird, and a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker in Westfield.

Worcester County highlights were a Greater White-fronted Goose and 2 Sandhill Cranes at the Dexter Drumlin in Lancaster, 4 Redheads at Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, and an Iceland Gull in Sterling.

Martha’s Vineyard hosted a Great Egret in Edgartown, 2 Common Ravens at Oak Bluffs, a Tree Swallow in Chilmark, and a Brown Thrasher at Chappaquiddick.

Nantucket was graced by a King Eider in Nantucket Harbor, a Tufted Duck near the Massasoit Bridge at Hummock Pond, an Oregon Dark-eyed Junco and a Clay-colored Sparrow at Low Beach, a Great Egret at Consue Springs, 36 Red Crossbills along Milestone Road and the Sconset Bike Path.


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