2022 Birders Meeting — Speaker Bios

Keith Bildstein, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association

Keith Bildstein is the retired director of Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Pennsylvania, where for 26 years he coordinated the activities of the sanctuary's graduate students, international trainees, and visiting scientists. Keith has authored or coauthored more than 170 papers in ecology and conservation, including more than 70 on raptors. Keith edited the quarterly Wilson Journal of Ornithology and was a member of the editorial board of The Auk, the journal of the American Ornithologists Union. His current research involves the geography, ecology, and conservation of the world’s migratory raptors; energy management in migrating raptors; and the feeding and movement ecology of vultures and other scavenging birds of prey. His forthcoming book is a new monograph entitled Vultures of the World: Essential Ecology and Conservation, published by Cornell University Press.

Katelyn Depot, Mass Audubon

Katelyn Depot is the Osprey Field Technician for Mass Audubon’s South Coast Osprey Project. As part of her work, she spends the summers monitoring about 100 Osprey nests in Westport and Dartmouth, MA. She has a B.Sc. in Environmental Biology from McGill University and has been working with Ospreys for five years, including one season as a field technician on the Illinois Osprey Recovery Project. After working with Ospreys in both Massachusetts and Illinois, she recognized the potential for collaboration between the two programs and has been supporting the translocation of Osprey chicks from Massachusetts to Illinois since 2019.

Cheryl Dykstra, PhD

Cheryl Dykstra is an independent researcher and consultant in West Chester, OH, a suburb of Cincinnati. She earned her M.S. and Ph.D in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she studied ecotoxicology of Great Lakes Bald Eagles. She has worked as a researcher for the USFWS and USEPA, and has served as the Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Raptor Research since 2006. She has also spent over two decades leading raptor research projects, including an ongoing 25-year study of urban Red-shouldered Hawks in the Cincinnati area.

Laurie Goodrich, PhD, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association

Dr. Laurie Goodrich is the Director of Conservation Science for the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association in Pennsylvania. In addition to directing Hawk Mountain’s Conservation Science program, Laurie co-leads land conservation efforts for the sanctuary, served as interim Director of Education from 2010 to 2014, and was a Research Biologist from 1984 to 2019. Laurie also co-leads research on the migration ecology of the Broad-winged Hawk and collaborates with three other avian science organizations to derive population trends for North American raptors (the Raptor Population Index). Laurie helped establish the Veracruz River of Raptors raptor conservation site in Mexico and currently serves as a science advisor for that program.

Tih-Fen Ting, PhD, University of Illinois Springfield

Dr. Tih-Fen Ting is an Associate Professor of Ecology and Environmental Science at the University of Illinois Springfield. She received her Ph.D. in Natural Resources and Environment from the University of Michigan and a M.S. in Wildlife from Humboldt State University. Professor Ting has worked with threatened and endangered raptor species at the state to federal to international level, including Osprey, Short-eared Owl, Northern Spotted Owl, and Lanyu Scops Owl. Her work with those birds of prey has taken her to places outside Illinois, from Lanyu Island in the Pacific to the Pacific Northwest of United States.