Bird-a-thon 2021 Results

Bird-a-thon 2021 promo with various bird illustrations

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Bird-a-thon weekend!

This year approximately 1,000 participants across 13 teams recorded an impressive combined total of 274 bird species in Massachusetts from May 14-15.

Best of all, they collectively raised $295,000 to support Mass Audubon's wildlife sanctuaries, conservation efforts, and education programs across the state!


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You can see photos from this year's spectacular event in the Bird-a-thon 2021 Digital Gallery.

Bird-a-thon 2021 Winners

We've finished tallying the species lists, points, and fundraising results. And we're thrilled to announce the winners of the Bird-a-thon 2021 birding, points, and fundraising awards. Congratulations to our winning teams and participants!

→ Team Awards, Cups, & Prizes ←

Brewster Cup

1st place, species recorded statewide
Metro South, 245 species

Forbush Award

2nd place, species recorded statewide
Metro West, 238 species

County Cup

1st Place, % of county par number
West (Berkshire County), 146/142 species (103%)

Sitting Duck Award

Most species recorded while remaining in 25-ft circle
West, 110 species

Eagle Eye Award

1st place, average activity points earned
Cape Cod, 60 activity points

Mighty Migrant Award

2nd place, average species points earned
Central, 100 species points

Hatheway Cup

1st place, $ raised
North Shore, $62,896

$ Cup

2nd place, $ raised
Cape Cod, $35,000

Team Spirit Award

Greatest % of team members who each raised $50 or more
Gordon's Gaggle, 66%

→ Individual Fundraising Awards & Prizes ←


Individual who raised the most in donations across all teams and participants. Winner receives a custom digital artwork by Mass Audubon's graphic designer OR a day of birding with Wayne Petersen.

  • Michael Pappone (Science & Bird Conservation) $14,800


Top 3 fundraisers in each region, excluding statewide winner; must raise a minimum of $250 to be eligible. Winners receive a $25 Mass Audubon gift certificate for use in Mass Audubon gift shops or towards Mass Audubon program fees.

Statewide Programs/HQ

  1. Jared Keyes $5,000
  2. Karen O’Neill $1,860
  3. Sandy Sutherland $1,270


  1. Joan LeBel $6,600
  2. Justine Hanson $2,575
  3. Sam Harris $1,175

Cape Cod

  1. Josie Anderson $2,375
  2. Lynn Southey $2,245
  3. Phil Kyle $2,165


  1. Lawrence Pistrang $525


  1. Melanie Prescott $2,325
  2. Laura Lennihan $303
  3. (tied) Doug Reese $250 | James Suozza $250

Metro South

  1. Lily Benson $500
  2. Dotty Moffett $460
  3. Lauren Grimes $450

Metro West

  1. Ryan Evans & Darcy Duke $4,000
  2. Strickland Wheelock $2,175
  3. Roberta Hodson $1,970

North Shore

  1. Dave Weaver $3,500
  2. Susan Hardy $2,325
  3. Eric Schultz $2,000

South East

  1. Rusty Briggs $2,375
  2. Steve French $950
  3. Sally Avery $900


  1. Janice Jorgensen $4,970
  2. Derek Allard $2,130
  3. Janet Bissell $2,125


Winners receive swag from the Mass Audubon Shop.

  1. Lisa Hutchings (North Shore) $8,125
  2. Wayne Petersen (Science & Bird Conservation) $5,150
  3. Joan Walsh (Science & Bird Conservation) $5,000

→ High Flyers ←

Participants who raised $500 or more. Winners are invited to two exclusive birding outings.

Jan Adams, Derek Allard, Josie Anderson, Sally Avery, William Babcock, Mike Baird, Cindy Batchelder, Suzan Bellincampi, Lily Benson, Janet Bissell, Jennifer Black & Lora Goldston, Bruce Black & Mary Brogan, Mike Boss & Sheila Vince, Leslie Bostrom, Julie Brandlen, Rusty Briggs, Marie Broudy, Jean Bruns, Stephen Burke, Lindsay Clemens, Jeff Collins, Peter Crosson, Owen Cunningham, Carolyn Cushing, Becky Cushing Gop, Emily Dahl, Carol Decker, Pat Donahue, Chris Eaton, Erin Ellingwood, Ryan Evans & Darcy Duke, Mark Faherty, Luke & Chelsea Faust, Linda Ferraresso, Karen First, Melinda Forist, Kerri & Dan Fournier, Steve French, Martha Gach, Paige Garrison, Maura Genova, Allan Greenberg, Louise Grindrod & Robert Paterson, Rita Grossman, Justine Hanson, Susan Hardy, Sam Harris, C. Douglas Hinckley, Beverly Hobbs, Roberta Hodson, Lisa Hutchings, Ian Ives, Janice Jorgensen, Robin Joyce, James Junda, Jonah Keane, Sam Kefferstan, Jared Keyes, Josey Kirkland, Phil Kyle, Elissa Landre, Sheila Lawrence, Joan LeBel, Amy LePak, Debbie Listernick, Anne Lombard, Melissa Lowe Cestaro, Doug Lowry, David Ludlow, Sharon MacDonald, Andy Magee, Meghadeepa Maity, Ellen McBride, Merrill Mead-Fox, Margo Mercer, Keelin Miller, David Moon, Ken Morton, Kylee Noga, Alison O'Hare, Karen O'Neill, Susan Ormond, Michael Pappone, Fran Perler, Wayne Petersen, Tia Pinney, Lawrence Pistrang, Melanie Prescott, Gina Purtell, Margaret Rhodes, Mary Richmond, Susan Richmond, Emily Sabo, Margaret Sagan, Marsha Salett, Scott Santino, Lisa Schibley, Eric Schultz, Harold & Ann Seigel, Patty Shannon, Gwen Shipley, Janet Sisterson, Lynn Southey, Pam Sowizral, Jan Spence, Patti Steinman, Elizabeth Stell, Anna Stunkel, Sandy Sutherland, Jaden Thompson, Michael Tucker, Joan Walsh, Chris Walz, Dave Weaver, Strickland Wheelock, Avery Whitlock, Henrietta Yelle

→ Young Birder Awards ←

Participants under age 18 who raised $200 or more. Winners receive swag from the Mass Audubon Shop.

  • Sam Harris (Boston)
  • Nate Feinfeld (Metro South)
  • CJ Hansen (Metro West)
  • Jaden Thompson (Metro West)
  • Jackson Frost (South East)
  • Gwen Sweigart (South East)
  • C. Buchanan (South East)

→ Carbon-Free Chickadees ←

Participants who remained carbon-neutral while participating in Bird-a-thon 2021.

Sally Avery, Jennifer Barnes, Dawn Costello, Emily Dahl, Kevin DiRocco, Jona Donaldson, Erin Ellingwood, Alyssa Ellis, Tim Ellis, Colleen Fleming, Carol Fournier, Marcy Gefter, Anne Kane, Elaine Kile, Bryce Klempner, Lauren Kras, Mike Kuczewski, Sheila Lawrence*, Joan LeBel, Danielle Levoshko, Lisa Meeks, Jeremy Mombourquette, Keith Ohmart, Tia Pinney, Kathleen Rawdon, Matthew Rice, Kerri Schubert, Michael Sheila, Janet Sisterson, Christina Slocum-Wysk, Frances Stein, Laura Sullivan, Gwendolyn Sweigart, Carrie Sweigart, Kelly White, Lori White, Douglas Wipf, Roger Wrubel

*Winner of prize drawing (signed copy of "A World on the Wing: The Global Odyssey of Migratory Birds" by Scott Weidensaul)

→ 125th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt Challenge ←

Participants who completed a 125-item scavenger hunt during Bird-a-thon 2021.

Morgyn Ellis*, Lauren Kras, Joan LeBel

*Winner of prize drawing (125th anniversary swag from Mass Audubon Shop)

Bird-a-thon 2021 Team Results


$ Raised

# Species Recorded

Avg. Activity Points

Avg. Birding Points

Boston Sanctuaries $21,000 160 19 53
Cape Cod Sanctuaries
Eagle Eye Award, $ Cup
$35,000 236 60 n/a
Central Sanctuaries
Mighty Migrant Award
$11,921 169 10 100
Coastal Waterbird Program $3,068 n/a n/a n/a
Gordon's Gaggle - HQ
Team Spirit Award
$17,180 150 14 5
Islands Sanctuaries $8,013 Dukes: 123/139  (88%)
Nantucket: 105/131 (80%)
10 43
Metro South Sanctuaries
Brewster Cup
$14,375 245 23 53
Metro West Sanctuaries
Forbush Award
$34,605 238 22 41
North Shore Sanctuaries
Hatheway Cup
$62,896 227
Essex: 189/185 (102%)
25 58
Science & Bird Conservation $32,470 181 34 40
South East Sanctuaries $18,132 168 27 16
West Sanctuaries
County Cup, Sitting Duck Award
$31,122 165
Berkshire: 146/142 (103%)
22 34
Wildwood $400 n/a n/a n/a