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Reducing or avoiding air travel is one of the most effective steps we can take as individuals to combat climate change. But, it’s not the most realistic proposition for many of us. Through Jet-Set Offset, when you can’t reduce air travel, you can mitigate the impact of carbon emissions from flying by contributing to organizations like Mass Audubon, which has made fighting climate change a key priority. 

We weave climate change response into all of our work in conservation, education, and advocacy across Massachusetts. We have reduced our carbon footprint by 50% over the last 16 years, and our 38,000 acres of permanently protected land effectively store and keep carbon out of the atmosphere. We also fight for legislation that will reduce carbon in the atmosphere and help communities to adapt to the future effects of climate change.

By partnering with Jet-Set Offset—and you!—we will take our efforts to the next level, by educating and inspiring thousands of students, teachers, and influencers to take action and reduce their carbon footprint at home and in their community.

How Mass Audubon is Creating Climate Action Heroes

Youth Climate Summits bring together hundreds of youth for action-oriented climate education conferences. These summits create opportunities for learning, empowerment, and youth-led action on climate change in schools and communities. Through their work, youth that have attended the summits have already accomplished so much. A few examples include:

  • Transforming a classroom into a hydroponics lab to grow food for their new salad bar
  • Performing an energy audit of their school and installing smart power strips, faucet aerators, and motion lights
  • Actively participating in the Youth Climate Strikes
  • Organizing a Zero-Waste Week
  • Building a school community garden
  • Reducing single-use plastic and adding composting in their cafeteria
  • Installing water-bottle filling stations in schools and distributing reusable water bottles to students

Climate Cafés provide a way for people to discuss climate change in a judgment-free, informal environment with other people in their community. By doing so, they gain practice in talking about climate change, and are more likely to talk about it with their fellow community members.

Our goal is grow these impactful programs. By the end of 2019 want to reach at least 500 students through Youth Climate Summits, up from 60 in 2018, and host 1,500 people at Climate Cafés (so far we have welcomed 500). To make this happen we need to raise $200,000.

We are uniquely qualified to take on this challenge. As one of our nation’s environmental education leaders, Mass Audubon offers thousands of camp, school, and adult programs that get over 225,000 kids and adults outdoors every year. With more than 125,000 members and supporters, we are committed to educating visitors and members about fighting climate change in their homes, schools, and communities.

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