Leadership Friends: Member Profiles

LF looking through spotting scope

We invite you to read about some of our Leadership Friends and why they support Mass Audubon’s mission. 

Sophie Vandebroek & Jesús del Alamo

Dr. Sophie Vandebroek & Dr. Jesús del Alamo

Drumlin Farm has been "in the family" for over 20 years for Jesús del Alamo and Sophie Vandebroek. When their children were little, they loved the hayrides and seeing newly-hatched chicks. As teenagers, the kids volunteered at the Farm Stand and in the fields.

More recently, Sophie and Jesús have enjoyed wild mushroom field trips, cooking classes, and an amazing caterpillar celebration. And as local food enthusiasts, they make time in their busy lives to shop at the Farm Stand every weekend all season long.

"Drumlin Farm is a wholesome, intelligent, and fun place for the whole family. We feel blessed having this treasure at the heart of Lincoln!"

Mark Marroni

Mark Marroni

After studying marine botany and biology at the University of Connecticut, Mark Marroni completed law school and ran a successful practice. He now owns his own financial advisory and wealth management company, but, a few years ago, he felt something was missing.

A lifelong bird and nature lover, he became a Founder’s Circle member and began to frequent Joppa Flats Education Center in Newburyport for birdwatching. "I feel reborn," Marroni said. "I am more joyful, content, and less stressed." Marroni is taking Joppa’s Birder’s Certificate Program and hopes to lead birdwatching trips on his own someday.

"Mass Audubon has made a huge difference in my life."

Matt Templeton & "Leaf" Roy

Matt Templeton and Leaf Roy

Matt Templeton and Jessica "Leaf" Roy had their second date at Mass Audubon’s Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary in Lincoln. "I specifically asked her to join me to pet some cows," Matt recalls. "Drumlin was us," Leaf responds. "Relaxed, being in nature."

Matt and Leaf wed in 2013, the same year they migrated their membership to the Leadership Friends level. They had their engagement photos taken at Drumlin Farm, and encouraged their wedding guests, in lieu of gifts, to consider joining Mass Audubon or another conservation organization.

The couple most often directs their support to Mass Audubon’s general operating fund. "Supporting general operations gives the organization flexibility to respond to evolving needs," Matt explains. "I’ve learned through working for a nonprofit how critically important these funds are."