2018 Statewide Volunteer Day Highlights

More Than 650 Volunteers Work Wonders on Saturday, April 28, 2018

Volunteers at BNC
Volunteers at BNC

Beautiful weather and appreciative Mass Audubon staff welcomed 650 volunteers to 17 wildlife sanctuaries for Mass Audubon’s 12th Annual Statewide Volunteer Day.

As in previous years, volunteers chose from a variety of stewardship projects suitable for all ages and abilities at sites across the state.

Individuals, families, scout troops, and gardening clubs raked, filled wheelbarrows, planted, pruned, and dug for three hours on a beautiful Saturday morning, helping our sanctuaries get ready for the busy summer season ahead.

Look at what these hard-working volunteers accomplished in just one morning:

  • Pulled 12 truckloads of invasives (garlic mustard, multiflora rose, Oriental bittersweet)
  • Raked 29 bags of leaves
  • Cleared and prepped 32 gardens
  • Groomed over 2 miles of trail
  • Put down 350 feet of curbing
  • Created 4 new turtle nesting areas and cleared 8 existing turtle gardens
  • Seeded a 1/2-acre field for pollinators
  • Cleared 21 truckloads of brush and winter debris
  • Spread 24 yards of compost
  • Planted 70 trees
  • Emptied and processed 13 bins of compost
  • Planted 147 flowers and shrubs
  • Filled 27 trash bags with collected trash and recyclables
  • Rejuvenated 2 butterfly gardens
  • Created a new 850-foot trail
  • Built 1 stone walkway
Father and daughter at Oak Knoll for 2018 SVD
Helping out at Oak Knoll

To our wonderful volunteers, we say “Thank you for being nature heroes!” You helped us accomplish in one morning many conservation tasks that would have taken weeks (if not months) to complete.

Check out this slideshow to see some of our amazing volunteers and their equally amazing results.

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Statewide Volunteer Day is an annual event, so we hope to see you next year!