Maple Sugaring Weekend Events - Spring

Location: Sharon, MA
Sanctuary: Moose Hill

We are looking for volunteers to help with our popular Maple Sugaring Weekends scheduled for March 17, 23, and 24, 2019. Volunteer one, two, or all three days. We appreciate any and all help. Please contact Danielle Lanson, for more information.

Volunteer opportunities include: 

  • Portraying a character: characters (colonial person or French trapper trained by Native Americans in sugaring) perform their 5-7 minute skit up to 15 times per event day (depending on registration). Costume and script are provided. Arrive by 10 am to set up/prepare and stay at your station until the last group passes (usually done by 4 pm). This is an outdoor task at an assigned station with an outdoor fire that you will start, maintain and extinguish.
  • Leading groups along the trail: guides lead two (possibly three), 90-minute walks per event day along our sugaring trail. Training and a walk thru provided ahead of the event. There are specific start times and there is a built in 30-minute break between scheduled tour times. This is an outdoor task, walking along paths, sometimes over uneven/snowy/wet ground.
  • Popping popcorn: use our big popcorn machine and pop/bag popcorn dusted with maple sugar. Assist the other food service volunteers with pancake batter prep. Arrive by 11:30 am to get started/trained and stay through the end of the day, or until we have enough bags premade, usually done by 3 pm. This is an indoor task.
  • Serving refreshments: make and sell various maple-related food items (hotdogs cooked in maple sap and pancakes). Sell pre-popped popcorn. Begin at 11:30 am and stay through the final group’s return, usually done by 5 pm. This is an indoor task.
  • Managing the parking lot: Help direct cars in our parking lot. Arrive by 11 am and stay through 3 pm. This is an outdoor task directing traffic and parking in our lots; we have safety vests to borrow.
  • Working the Sugar House: volunteer in our sugar house and greet/inform event groups about the sugar house operation. Arrive by 11 am to set up and stay through the final group’s arrival, usually done by 4:45 pm. Training required. This is an outdoor task.
  • Crossing guard: help groups cross the street to the event path. Direct non-event participants to the Visitor Center for alternative hiking trails. Help anytime between 11 am and 3 pm. This is an outdoor task; we have safety vests to borrow.
  • Taking pictures during the event: help us capture images of the costumed characters, the event stations and groups of participants. Hours are flexible during each day of the event.

How to Apply

Please email or call:

Danielle Lanson
Job# 3061