Conservation / Community Science

Location: Barnstable, MA
Sanctuary: Long Pasture

About This Position

If you are interested in wildlife and research, you can participate in one of Mass Audubon's ongoing community science studies like horseshoe crab population surveys, vernal pool monitoring, snake surveys, and others. Your work will directly contribute to databases that track species over time. 

What we need

Who you are

What you'll do

Horseshoe Crab Population Surveyors Whenever you walk the cape beaches, horseshoe crabs always catch your eye. You may or may not have been a biologist in your former life, but you've always had a science tilt. And, you know how to use a small motor boat! You'll help us work on our 7 year study tracking the spawning season of these crabs, recording data and scouting for spawning beaches in Barnstable Harbor and Sandy Neck.
Butterfly Census You know it's a great day when you get to be outside! You'll hit one or all of our 4 fields for the count and share and will share information about the butterflies with those who also may be visiting.
Butterfly Garden Gardeners  You have a green thumb and understand or want to learn about native wildflowers. You'll adopt a butterfly garden within the sanctuary’s Butterfly Mosaic Trail in Barnstable. You'll be the steward of one of 10 small 12’x12’ native wildflower garden during the growing season including, weeding, watering, feeding, plant division, and some plant propagation in our green house.
Vernal Pool Certification Maybe you've read "Night of the Spadefoot Toad" to your children or grandchildren? Maybe you read it for yourself? You haven't? No problem! You can follow in the hero's footsteps. You'll collect data about our vernal pools, tracking salamanders and toads. This data will help us certify our vernal pools.
Restored & Created Vernal Pool Monitoring Same as above but you can commit to 8 hours a month year round. Weather? What weather? Run monthly monitoring of 13 newly restored and created vernal pools at Long Pasture, and Ashumet Holly.  
Snake Coverboard Surveys Unlike the song, you do like spiders and snakes. You'll set up cover boards (really, plywood!) and monitor snakes at Long Pasture, Great Marsh, and Ashument Holly.
Data Manager You want to help with conservation, but you're more of an indoor type of person, and you know your way around a computer. Our volunteers have gathered a good amount of data, you'll play the important part of getting that data into our system.

How To Apply

It's a big help if you could complete the volunteer application. It can be emailed or mailed.


Kathleen Roche/Ellen Taylor
Job# 2740