Speak Up for Science

Dad & daughter at Boston Kids March for Science

Science—It's In Our Nature

When it comes to finding effective ways to protect the nature of Massachusetts, science plays a crucial part. Here are some ways you can advocate to support the role of evidence-based science in guiding conservation action and environmental policy.

Stay Informed

Adult Bald Eagle © US Fish and Wildlife
© US Fish and Wildlife

Be a Citizen Scientist

You don't have to be a professional scientist to contribute data to science! Our wildlife sanctuaries are living laboratories where volunteers help us monitor and measure everything from stranded sea turtles to osprey migration to salamander counts.

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Support Conservation Science

Conservation policies and strategies are only as strong as the evidence-based science supporting them. Our scientists work on our wildlife sanctuaries and beyond conducting research on climate change, wildlife, land protection, and ecological management.

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Connect Kids With Nature

Children can be scientists and environmental stewards, too! Mass Audubon inspires a love of nature through an incredible variety of family and kid-friendly programs at our wildlife sanctuaries, summer camps, preschools, in classrooms, and more.

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Know the Score

Knowing where your elected officials stand on important conservation issues is critical to being an effective advocate. Do you know how your state legislators voted on environmental bills during the 2015-16 legislative session? 

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Determine Your Priorities

Each legislative session deals with hundreds of bills—how do determine which ones need your support? Start with the environmental bills we've identified as policy priorities, and learn about our positions on critical issues.

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Get Your Message Across

Legislators need to hear from their constituents to know what issues are important to them. Make sure your voice is heard loud and clear by brushing up on the most effective practices for contacting your legislators.

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Rough Meadows opening © Tooey Rogers
Rough Meadows opening © Tooey Rogers

Your gift can help Mass Audubon expand our field research, science education, evidence-based advocacy, and public outreach work on critical conservation issues, and enable us to continue making meaningful impacts every year. 

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