Get Involved with Your Community

Boston skyline at night under a full moon © Ramkumar Subramanian
Boston skyline at night © Ramkumar Subramanian

Most of the decisions that govern the health and character of our land are made at the local level. To make a difference in your community, get involved with protecting forests, farmlands, water resources, and wildlife habitat.

Advocate for Sustainable Planning & Development

Mass Audubon helps communities understand, formulate, adopt, and implement tools for charting a more sustainable future through customized community workshops and direct assistance. Learn more >

Adopt the Community Preservation Act (CPA)

The CPA is a tool to help communities preserve open space and historic sites, and create affordable housing and recreational facilities. Learn more >

Become a Designated Green Community

Municipalities can apply for Green Communities grants, providing funding to help with energy efficiency initiatives and renewable energy projects, after they have demonstrated that they have have been officially designated as a "Green Community" by the state. Learn more > 

Update Your Open Space Plan

Revising your community's Open Space & Recreation Plan (OSRP) will allow you the opportunity to assess existing natural resources and recreational facilities while also thinking about the road ahead—what you'd like your community to look like in the future, and how you can achieve this vision. Learn more >

Adopt Open Space Design/Natural Resource Protection Zoning 

OSD/NRPZ is a method of residential development that conserves open space in new subdivisions. Adopting an OSD/NRPZ bylaw will provide your community flexibility in new developments, enabling permanent protection of valuable natural resources like forests, farmlands, water supplies, and wildlife habitat along with trails and neighborhood amenities. Learn more >