Live Sustainably: When You Shop

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The production of goods and services that we purchase makes up a significant portion of our carbon emissions. When we shop, the best ways to reduce carbon emissions are to buy less, buy used, or buy less frequently.

The exceptions to that rule are when buying home appliances and cars. In those cases, it's almost always better to buy more efficient models sooner rather than later.

Buy Fewer Electronics, Clothes, & Housewares

Electronics, clothing, and houseware purchases are things that can contribute to our carbon emissions over time. When buying electronics, especially phones, waiting as long as possible between upgrades is a good strategy. And buying clothes as they wear out, rather than as they go out of fashion, is also helpful.

Buy Well-Made Goods

We can also reduce what we buy by selecting more reliable goods with greater longevity, and to avoid buying items that are designed to be disposable.

Buy Used or Antique Furniture

Buying used furniture when possible has a meaningful positive impact.

Reduce Water Usage

The water we use is another part of our consumption impact. Reducing water usage is a great thing to do for a number of reasons, but simply using less will reduce the carbon emissions needed to get the water to your tap or shower head.