Live Sustainably: On the Road

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Simple ways you can reduce your environmental impact while on the road.

Green Your Commute

Whenever possible, carpool, bicycle, walk, or use public transportation to get where you are going. Can’t do it every day? Try an alternative option once a month. Every little bit helps!

Commit to Car-Free Days

For most of us, the most effective and free thing we can do to reduce emissions is commit to staying out of our own car 1 day or more per week. There are lots of ways to do that. Walk, bike, take public transit, carpool, or work from home. Regardless of how you do it, make a pledge to yourself and let others know why you're doing it.

For business administrators and managers, letting your employees telecommute 1-2 additional days per week greatly reduces carbon emissions.

Purchase a Hybrid or Electric Vehicle (EV)

Aside from avoiding the car altogether, switching to hybrid or electric vehicle is the single most effective thing the typical American can do to reduce their personal carbon footprint.

According to MIT's Carbon Counter, virtually all hybrid vehicles and EVs are Paris Agreement-friendly. They are also usually among the most reliable cars on the market and have a lower cost over the life-cycle of the vehicle. When recharged with renewable energy you purchase for your home, the benefit is even larger. Municipalities looking for an excellent option to reduce carbon emissions should consider switching their vehicle fleets to EVs.

Unable to switch to a hybrid or EV? Look for conventional vehicle that gets at least 36 miles per gallon overall.

Properly Inflate Car Tires

It's so simple and so often overlooked. Get the most out of your gas mileage by keeping your tires properly inflated. Check your tires once per month with an accurate pressure gauge. It's also a great task to give kids!

Drive Slower

Driving 55 mph instead of 75 mph will save you about 25% at the pump. Accelerating and braking gently also saves gas.

Avoid Idling

Despite the misconception that that letting your engine warm up or idle reduces wear, for modern cars, it's better to turn off the ignition as often as is safe.