Live Sustainably: In Your Community

Woman and kids looking at the sign explaining a solar array

Here are a few simple ways to reduce your environmental impact in your community:

Attend a Climate Café

One of the most important actions individuals can take to help fight climate change is to talk about it with friends, family, and others in their immediate community. And the most effective way to talk about climate change is by talking about locally-relevant impacts. Enter the climate café concept >

Plan For Sustainable Development

Mass Audubon’s award-winning Shaping Climate Resilient Communities program helps communities understand, formulate, adopt, and implement tools for charting a more sustainable future through customized community workshops and direct assistance.

Vote For The Environment

Each legislative session deals with thousands of bills, but only a handful ever become law. How can you determine which ones need your support? Each session, Mass Audubon identifies a number of important environmental bills as policy priorities. Find out which ones we’re working on now as well as our position on other critical state and federal issues.

Hold Your Legislators Accountable

Know where your elected officials stand when it comes to environmental issues! Since 1985, Mass Audubon has reported the environmental voting records of the Massachusetts legislature in order to inform citizens of their state legislators' performances in protecting the nature of Massachusetts. Find out how your local Senator and Representative scored on our annual Legislative Report Card.

Make Your Town a Green Community

The State-run Green Communities Division empowers the Commonwealth's cities and towns to reduce their energy use and their carbon footprint on the journey towards healthier communities and stronger economies.

Urge Your City to Adopt Green Municipal Aggregation

Massachusetts state law allows a city or town to choose the electricity supplier for residents and businesses within that municipality through a process called municipal aggregation or Community Choice Aggregation (CCA). When adopting a CCA model, your community has the opportunity to buy more electricity from renewable sources.

Make Schools Greener

Encourage your local schools to become members of Green Schools, a nonprofit aimed at creating greener and healthier learning environments through environmental education, awareness, and action.

Support Massachusetts in Meeting Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets

Massachusetts became a leader in the fight against climate change when the Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA) was signed into law. Mass Audubon supported its passage, which requires a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions equal to 10-15% below 1990 levels by 2020 and 80% by 2050. As we advocate for energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions through implementation of the GWSA, we are promoting policies that help us to prepare and adapt to the future.