Climate Pledges

Young couple hiking at Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

When it comes to fighting climate change, everyone can make a difference. As a way to inspire you to act in both big and small ways, take a monthly climate pledge! Together we can act on climate and create meaningful impacts. 

Compost Bucket

Any good farmer will tell you that good compost is one of the best soil amendments around. What you should also know is that composting helps alleviate climate change.

Planting a Tree

Planting trees is a strategy to fight climate change that can be implemented now and offers more additional benefits than nearly any other climate change solution.

Water Drop © Greg Allison
© Greg Allison

Water is a precious resource and our use (or misuse) of water has a direct impacts on our energy footprint. Make a commitment to being more conscious water and energy consumers for the good of people and the planet. 

Barn Swallows © Mark Landman
Barn Swallows © Mark Landman

Take a pledge to start three conversations about climate change with people I care about over the next month.

Dunes and ocean © Lucy Loomis
© Lucy Loomis

Take the Mass Audubon Climate Change Pledge to address climate change through individual and collective action for the good of people and the planet. Learn More >