Live Sustainably: Eat Local through Community Supported Agriculture

Drumlin Farm at farmers market

By this point, you’ve probably heard all the fantastic reasons why you should eat local foods whenever you can (food is fresher and tastier because it travels shorter distances, your dollars support local economies, you get to know your farmers, etc). And you probably already know all about Community Supported Agriculture programs aka CSAs.

But what you may not be aware of is the role Mass Audubon plays in this farm-to-table movement. Our two official CSAs—Drumlin Farm in Lincoln and the Farm at Moose Hill in Sharon—offer unique farm share programs. Here’s why:


We Don’t Use Chemicals 

Drumlin Farm uses organic principles and relies on only the rain for irrigation—an approach that yields better-tasting crops using less energy. And the Farm at Moose Hill partners with family owned and operated Wards Berry Farm to produce certified organic fruits and veggies.

We’re Not In This for the Profit 

As a 501(c)(3) organization, Mass Audubon uses proceeds from its programs, whether they be a CSA or a camp or a pancake breakfast, to further our mission of protecting the nature of Massachusetts. By purchasing a CSA share from Drumlin Farm or the Farm at Moose Hill , you help both wildlife sanctuaries continue the vital work they are doing in the sustainable farming and environmental education front.

We Give Folks the Chance to Get Dirty 

Both Moose Hill and Drumlin Farm provide Pick-Your-Own opportunities. Moose Hill shareholders also contribute eight hours over the course of growing season, harvesting or helping distribute crops on pick-up days. And Drumlin offers a discount on their summer and winter shares in exchange for hours in the field.

We’re Teaching Future Conservationists 

Drumlin Farm’s Crops Apprentice Program teaches next-generation farmers how to farm sustainably and successfully. And Moose Hill frequently hosts camp, school, and youth groups in the fields to learn about ecology.

We Give Back 

The Farm at Moose Hill donates and distributes surplus food to area pantries and shelters. Drumlin Farm donates to Concord Open Table every Wednesday and to Food for Free in Somerville every Saturday—around 4,000 pounds to each over the course of the season.

We’re a One-Stop Shop 

We partner with other local growers, farmers, and fisherman, giving them a place to share their goods. At Moose Hill, you can add a fish or egg share as well as pick up local honey. Drumlin offers an additional 20-week egg share and, in the fall, a six-week seasonal fruit share.

We Are All About Community

CSA pickup days provide community members a chance to meet like-minded people, share recipes, organize weekend harvesting sessions, and swap ideas.

Want to see what life on the farm is all about while protecting the nature of Massachusetts? Sign up for your share at Drumlin Farm or Moose Hill today! And, if you’re already a shareholder, tell us about your experiences in the comments.