Live Sustainably

A family gardening © Joe Joseph
© Joe Joseph

The climate is changing, and you can make a difference. Reduce your own carbon emissions while you save money and live better. By working together in new ways, we can ensure that future generations of people and wildlife have a healthy and livable planet.

Drumlin Farm at farmers market

Buying local, getting an energy audit, being waterwise, and using better light bulbs are just some of the simple ways you can reduce your environmental impact at home. Learn More >

Educator at Joppa Flats Education Center teaching students about conservation

Making your town a green community, voting for the environment, and making schools greener are just some of the simple ways you can reduce your environmental impact in your community. Learn More >

Devens narrow road

You can reduce carbon emissions from your transportation by committing to one or more car-free days per week, by replacing your car with one that gets 40 miles per gallon, and by simply keeping your tires properly inflated. Learn More >

Interior of the Audubon Shop

The production of goods and services that we purchase makes up a significant portion of our carbon emissions. When we shop, the best ways to reduce carbon emissions are to buy less, buy used, or buy less frequently. Learn More >

Dunes and ocean © Lucy Loomis
© Lucy Loomis

Take the Mass Audubon Climate Change Pledge to address climate change through individual and collective action for the good of people and the planet. Learn More >

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You can help us continue our work on climate change and educate others. 

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Make the Switch

Make the Switch

Bring more renewable energy to your home and community by switching to green electricity. It’s easier than you think! Find out how

Our Climate Change Work

Mass Audubon is addressing climate change through environmental policy, education, and conservation. Learn more