People Making a Difference

Mass Audubon is part of a broad conservation community that includes many inspiring individuals whom we are proud to call partners.  Some of the people highlighted below are center-stage conservation players, while others are hard at work behind the scenes. We spotlight an additional person with release of every Land Conservation e-newsletter.

Mirror in front of a person's head.

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of conserving land for human beings. It is equally important to acknowledge that it is also people that make land conservation happen. Landowners we work with, staff from our public and private conservation partners, and especially those who support our work, all play absolutely essential roles in the process of protecting important lands across Massachusetts. None of it would happen without the involvement of caring people working together to make the world a better place. Read More

Tem Blessed

Some people may be surprised to hear that a hip hop artist would welcome an opportunity to perform at a large land conservation conference. And some in the audience at that land conservation conference may doubt that such an artist’s work would be relevant to the topic. But, thanks to a progressive, conservation-minded local artist named Tem Blessed and his recent powerful performance, such presumptions would be wrong. Read More

Bob Levite

Some people seem to be born with the “I want to help you” gene. When people offering to assist bring specialized knowledge and/or skills to the table, their offers of assistance take on greater meaning. And when such people share their specialized knowledge with those who need it for literally decades—the cumulative impact can be simply extraordinary. Read More

Dr. Eric Chivian with tree frog

Over the past few decades, Dr. Chivian has been inspiring medical and environmental professionals, as well as policy makers, economists, religious groups, and others, to recognize the implications of biodiversity loss on human health and well-being through his research, writing, teaching, and organizing. Read More