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Sibley Farm © Nathan Goshgarian
Sibley Farm © Nathan Goshgarian

Support Land Conservation

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Mass Audubon often needs funds quickly when a critical piece of property becomes available, or we have an opportunity to protect important habitat where local fundraising alone is insufficient.

The Land Conservation Fund will be used:

  • For rapid response to land conservation opportunities
  • To leverage additional gifts through matching challenges
  • To support projects that have exhausted all other funding possibilities

These funds will support the purchase of important land and land rights, and will augment government support and private fundraising. Local fundraising is particularly challenging in the western part of the state, where there is more conservable land, but fewer people to support conservation.

In the last few years, the Land Conservation Fund has played a critical role in protecting:

With this additional financial resource, we can move from reactive, project-based fundraising to a more proactive and visionary statewide approach.

By supporting the Land Conservation Fund, you will make an investment in our vision to conserve the remaining critical habitat in Massachusetts. Your support today will help ensure that our natural resources exist both for your own enjoyment and for that of future generations.