Mass Audubon Staff Reunion 2019

Staff Reunion Graphic

Saturday, June 1, 2019 • 11:30 am–2:30 pm

at Mass Audubon Headquarters, Lincoln, MA

Three Mass Audubon President - Jerry, Laura, and Gary

Former staff are an important part of the Mass Audubon story. You have contributed to our success and continue to support us with your time, community, and professional connections, and financial support.

We want to thank you for all you have done! One way to do that is to bring "the family" together for a Staff Reunion. Mass Audubon President Gary Clayton and many current staff members will be there to welcome you and reminisce. 

Will we see you there?

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Please let us know if you'll be attending this special event on June 1! And since we do not have addresses for all former staff members, feel free to pass the word about the reunion to others who might have not gotten the invitation.

If you have food allergies or dietary restrictions, please contact Lindsay Clemens by email or at 781-259-2123. 

Send us your photos!

Do you have pictures from your time with Mass Audubon? If you would like them to be featured at the reunion, please email them to Lindsay Clemens.

Who's Coming?

This list is in alphabetical order by last name; it will be updated every few days. Updated May 30, 2019.

Last Name A-L

Last Name M-Z

Debby Andell
Jeanne Anderson
Marny Ashburne
Rona Balco
Diane Bartley
Lisa Berezin
Dinah Borden
Bruce Boyd
Elaine Boyer
Peg Brady
Andrew Breck
Heather Buiwit
Ellie Butler
Dan Cannata
Deb Cary
Jack Clarke
Gary Clayton
Lindsay Clemens
Linda Cocca
Russ Cohen
Tom Conuel
Ellen Cooley
Stephanie Covino
Dennis Cronin
Alexis Dandreta
Carol Decker
Jamie DeNormandie
Jeanne Dewire
Christina Dill
Jean Dorcus
Ellen Einhorn
Evangeline Ellis
Arthur Ellis
Doug Fine
Christy Foote-Smith
Sara Foster
Nora Frank
Rachel Freed
Mona Funiciello
Cindy Gabriel
Amy Garfield
Bill Gette
Rachael Gloss
Betty Graham
Frank Gray
Daniel Greenbaum
Michele Grzenda
Sylvia Guthrie
Leslie Hall
Elisabeth Hamilton Karotkin
Rebecca Harris
Dan Hart
Scott Hecker
Roby Hubley
Laura Johnson
Andrea Jones
Margaret Jones
Ellen Joseph
Matthew Kamm
Mia Kheyfetz
Elaine Kile
Jan Kruse
Lisa Kumpf
Steven Landry
Chris Leahy
R. Little
Roberta Longley
Hans Luwald
Sue MacCallum
Ariel Maiorano
Rachel Mason
Sharon McDonald
Nikki McKoon
Stacy Miller
Kathleen Miller
John Mitchell
Heather Monahan
Marianne Neumann
Arleen O'Donnell
Karen O'Neill
Vicki Parker-Procopio
Monte Pearson
Judi Pierce
Banks Poor
Mary Poor
Anneliese Pugh
Erica Quigley
Jennifer Riley
Marj Rines
Eleanor Robinson
Shelley Rodman
Janet Rothrock
Kerry Roy
Dinah Rowbotham
Jennifer Ryan
Nancly Schalch
Loring Schwarz
Linda Seeckts
Kathy Sferra
Mike Shannon
Sally Sharp Lehman
Hilary Smith
Rosemary Smith
Sue Smoyer
Nancy Sofen
Bill Stanton
Jennifer Steel
Tim Storrow
Mary Strachan
Heidi Thoren
Aimee Tow
Jennifer Turley
JoAnn Valois
Marisa Venti (Foynes)
Lou Wagner
Kelly Warner
Marsha Westropp
Strickland Wheelock
Jill Wierbicki Abrahams
Carla Williams
Donna Williams
Williemae Woodberry
Joshua Wrigley
Charles Wyman
Heniretta Yelle
Gail Yeo
Amanda Zoellner