Staff Directory

David J. O'Neill, President email
Nora Frank, Vice President for Philanthropy email
Bancroft Poor, Vice President for Operations email
Gail Yeo, Vice President of Wildlife Sanctuaries and Programs email
Hillary Truslow, Interim Vice President of Marketing and Communications email
Jeff Collins, Director of Conservation Science email
Amy Garfield, Controller email
Donna Minnis, Director of Foundation and Government Support email
Greg Berry, Director of Information Technology email
Joan Walsh, Bertrand Chair email
Jan O’Neil, Director of Membership and Annual Fund email
Melanie Prusinoski, Director of Human Resources email
Kris Scopinich, Statewide Education and Engagement Director email
Stu Weinreb, Director of Capital Assets and Planning email
Bob Wilber, Director of Land Conservation email
Andrea Lukens, East Operations Director email
Stephen Hutchinson, Coastal and West Operations Director email
Suzan Bellincampi, Islands Hub Director email
Julie Brandlen, Boston Hub Director email
Becky Cushing, Western Hub Director, email
Lauren Gordon, Metro South Hub Director email
Lauren Kras, South East Hub Director email
Melissa Lowe, Cape Hub Director email
Renata Pomponi, Metro West Hub Director email
Amy Weidensaul, North Shore Hub Director email
Stephen Hutchinson, Interim Central Hub Director email
Katharine Parsons, Coastal Waterbirds Hub Director email