STEAM Science Series: What is a Scientist?

You have what it takes to be a scientist! During this program, you will learn how to ask questions like a scientist. These questioning skills can enhance creativity, foster intentional curiosity, and increase the retention of information. Participants will learn how to make close observation and respond by asking questions about the natural world. After learning these scientific skills, each child will reinforce these skills by creating though the art of printmaking. Join us for this printmaking program where you can create nature inspired prints!

Program Location(s):

Museum of American Bird Art, Canton
Your school or other location


Pre K, K, 1


  • $150 per program with a discount of $125 per classroom with four or more programs on the same day.

Curriculum Frameworks:

PreK-ESS2-2 (MA) - Earth's Systems - observe/classify (non)living materials
K-LS1-2 (MA) - From Molecules to Organisms--Structures and Processes - plants/animals, grow/change over time

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